News Update (11 Aug 2018)

Exciting news on 11 Aug 2018 and limited time special offers (never offered before!)

Hello boys and girls!
Next week is D day for many awaiting impatiently (nervously?)
For your results.
We hope it is as good or better than you expected and you can move on
to the next part of your journey!

New courses
The following courses are new on our site. Do check it out..
IGCSE Accounting code 0452
This is a complete, comprehensive course in e learning videos, following closely the accounting code 0452 syllabus as well as using a lot of accounting past year questions which are topically related to the said syllabus…. go here to view free preview

Presently we are offering this course bundled as follows:
22.7 hrs of e videos covering entire syllabus + 4.4.75 hrs of e videos of actual past yr exam question with our solutions and also 6 sets of current past year exam with our full solutions ; all at a special package price.. Go here

This course also more than covers Edexcel International IGCSE in Accounting
(4AC1) which will be examined in greater detail ie via 2 exam papers from June2019 onwards.. Watch out for further developments on our site.

IGCSE Cambridge Secondary 1 Maths (IGCSE Checkpoint)
This is the lowest level maths in evideo on our site in 10.7 hours of e video.
This is a really good base to learn maths concepts and obtain the necessary foundation level before the student proceeds to Igcse Maths Extended and IGCSE Additional Maths. Get your foundations right and the higher level maths will be more ‘doable’ and enjoyable!

Upcoming / Work in Progress courses
The following courses are in progress…. patience folks…: )
1 AS and A Level Accounting code 9706
2 IGCSE Physics e learning videos code 0625
3 Alevels AS and A level Physics e learning videos code 9702
4 Edexcel International IGCSE in Accounting code 4AC1
(examinable June 2019)

Also for our Actuarial Science students; we are now actively;
Putting up a very important course called Contingencies (CT5) .This course is studied by students world over. This course provides a thorough grounding in the maths used to model and value cashflows, dependent on death, survival or other uncertain risks.
This is a course that he has been teaching for many years and is currently lecturing/delivering in Monash .
Go here to view… free preview..