News on 12 OCT 2015

Exciting News!

Now uploaded – complete full solutions to Revision Workbook for IGCSE Additional Maths for Yaer 10 and Year 11 (385 questions and solutions)

Some good news folks for those of you taking IGCSE Add Maths

We have uploaded (for viewing only) our full and complete solutions for the IGCSE Additional Maths Revision Workbook Year 10 and Year 11. There are about 180 and 205 questions and full solutions in our Year 10 and Year 11 Revision Workbook by Topics.

This is our ultimate resource to help students sitting for the IGCSE Add Maths exams (code 0606) as we have prepared these questions and solutions following the syllabus requirements.

Go HERE to read more / to listen to Mr Menon’s instructions for success in IGCSE Add Maths exam (code 0606) with The Maths Centre.

IGCSE Year 10  |  IGCSE Year 11

Even more good news for our existing IGCSE students
If you have already purchased the respective Revision Workbook for IGCSE Year 10 and /or Year 11, you can enter our site to view the solutions free of charge!!!!
You will be able to access the solutions site with your existing password.

And for the rest of the IGCSE students out there who have not yet purchased our Revision Workbook for Additional Maths for Year 10 and Year 11, please hurry up and purchase it as for a limited time only we are keeping our present prices.
Go ahead and get, you will be very glad you did so..

UPCOMING !!!! Watch for it !
To further enhance the learning experience, we are contemplating the following:
1) Offer personal one to one tutoring online for our subscribers
You will have to be one of our subscribers who would still like to see us face to face for some last minute preparations etc… This will be helmed by Mr Menon and me, details and tech being ironed out.

2) We will be instituting an assessment system soon (simple but effective)
We will have a very simple effective system of monitoring your learning soon.
The marvels of technology makes everything possible across the ocean and sea folks!!

3) In response to further maths students’ requests, we will be bringing in some uploads, keep your peeps here.

4) Anyone of you interested in our actuarial science courses?? Please write in and let me know.

GOODLUCK and best wishes to those going in for exams this month and next!!!
It is still not too late, all our exam solutions for IGCSE Additional Maths and Maths are online, including the most recent May 2015 exams and of course, the Alevels CIE May 2015 solutions for pure maths, mechanics and statistics are up too.

Talk soon.