Last Call: Alevels CIE Webinar for Pure Maths P3

Calling all Alevels CIE Pure Maths P3 students going in to exam this month!!!

We are having our last online seminar or webinar tomorrow 07 May 2014 at 7.30pm (GMT+8).

In this final webinar for this exam season Mr Menon will go through a series of selected questions (about 16) to refresh and sharpen you as you prepare to enter for your exam. You can still enter HERE

Yesterday we had a really good webinar for CIE Mechanics M1. Thank you for participating. Its amazing our attendees from as far as Trinidad can speak and hear us so clearly. It is really easy to enter the webinar, its exactly like a classroom only in cyber space. Check out the demo below:

We look forward to another marvellous session tomorrow folks.. come join us…