Happy Chinese New Year 2017

Dear Parents and Students,
Happy Chinese New Year and some exciting news!

Happy Chinese New Year ! This is the Year of the Rooster. May you all find Success, Happiness
Prosperity and Peace. May you students ace your exams and crow about it! (pun intended) 🙂

We begin our first news flash by sharing with you news of our new and upcoming courses.

We have already uploaded the following new courses in late 2016;

1 IGCSE Edexcel Further Maths (4PMO)
This e learning course comes with 20 sets of full exam solutions written by us.
For a limited time this course includes free access to all 20 sets of full exam solutions!!
Do check it out. Edexcel IGCSE Further Pure Mathematics (4PM0) e Learning Video

2 Douglas Quadling Mechanics 1 worked solutions
For the first time ,we have made available the complete solutions to this book. These are full solutions to all the 572 questions written by us. This is on introductory offer for a very limited time only.
Douglas Quadling Mechanics 1 worked solutions

3 IGCSE Maths Extended (code0580) e learning videos
We have uploaded a complete revision course for IGCSE Maths code 0580 extended

These e learning videos consits of 18.3 hrs of teaching videos and also includes 107 past year exam questions (2005 to 2009) This course is segmented into 10 sections, each section is followed by e videos of actual exam questions .(Please note current maths exam questions from 2010 onwards are also on our site – IGCSE Maths fully worked exam solutions)

This is a very useful revision tool for all of you sitting for IGCSE Maths 0580.

In 2017, we will give upload these courses;

1 Adding to our existing exam solutions for further maths 9231 we have uploaded Further Maths Exam Solutions by topics.
These are arranged in 11 topics…(2006 to 2015 exam questions)
Rational Functions and their graphs
Polar Coordinates
Summation of Series
Mathematical Induction
Integration (parts a and b)
Differential Equations
Complex Numbers

2 Caving in to many requests, we will upload AS Level Physics Exam Solutions arranged by TOPICS AND IN EVIDEO form.
Keep your peeps here…

3 We will continue to enhance the maths learning experience and offer a series of IGCSE CHECKPOINT Maths in Evideo form

We will also upload in e video form, exam questions and solutions for IGCSE Physics 0625..arranged by topics… very useful learning revision tool.

Many of the parents and students have often asked us for a complete package of both e learning videos and past yr exam solutions and revision kits…
We have decided to compile/combine our courses and make these courses available as a package. Your learning experience is now even more enhanced and complete..
Coming soon…

We are in the midst of discussing and will open a space for you to request for online tutoring with us. The tutoring sessions could be for half an hour or an hour or multiples thereof…Keep a lookout for our announcement..
We firmly believe our courses are more than adequate to get you through the exams…Even so, there are some of you who have requested for face to face contact…. And so we are looking into this….more to be announced later…
Meanwhile, please study hard and all the best for this New Year of 2017!

To those celebrating Chinese New Year, we wish you KONG HE FATT CHOY!
The Team

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