Cambridge Pre-U Mathematics (9794) Special Bundle Packages

Dear Parents and Students

The following are the suggested complete packages/courses for maths for Cambridge Pre-U Mathematics (9794).

Cambridge Pre-U Mathematics (9794) Paper 1,2 & 3 + Fully worked exam solutions

1) Paper 1,2&3 e learning course 59.22 hrs e video 1465
2) Cambridge Pre-U Mathematics (9794) fully worked exam solutions (choose 20 sets) 240
Normal price 1705
Special package price 1490

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Cambridge Pre-U Mathematics (9794) Paper 3

1) Paper 3 Mechanics and Stats e learning course 25.64 hrs e video 820
2) Choose 20 sets of Cambridge Pre-U Mathematics (9794) Paper 3 fully worked exam solutions 240
Normal price 1060
Special package price 850

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