Polar Coordinates – Edexcel FP2

7. Polar Coordinates – Edexcel Further Pure Mathematics 2 (FP2)

What students need to learn:
Polar coordinates \((r, \theta), r \geq 0\).
The sketching of curves such as
\(\theta = \alpha\), \(r = p  sec (\alpha – \theta)\), \(r = a\),
\(r = 2a \cos \theta\), \(r = k\theta\), \(r = a(1 \pm \cos \theta\)),
\(r = a(3 + 2 \cos \theta)\), \(r = a \cos 2\theta\) and
\(r^2 = a^2 \cos 2\theta\) may be set.

Use of the formula \(\dfrac{1}{2}\displaystyle\int_{\alpha}^{\beta} r^2 d\theta\) for area.
The ability to find tangents parallel to, or at right angles to, the initial line is expected.

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