Edexcel A Levels M2 (Mechanics)

The questions and answers above cover substantially the Alevels Mechanics M2 Edexcel syllabus.

The questions were a selection from a book by Brian Jefferson. That book is endorsed by Edexcel. You can purchase a copy of that book online or in a good bookshop.

Module 1 Kinematics (M2)

Alevels Mechanics M2 Edexcel – Kinematics

This topic discusses the motion of a particle fired from the ground or above ground level. There are questions on calculation of range, time of flight and maximum height of a particle. Calculus is used to find position, velocity and acceleration of a particle moving with variable acceleration. Differentiation and integration of vectors with respect to time is also discussed here.
Unit 1 Projectiles  
Unit 2 Motion with non uniform acceleration  
Unit 3 Motion in a plane  
Module 2 Centre of mass (M2)

Alevels Mechanics M2 Edexcel – Centre of mass

This chapter examines the following ideas :
  1. The concept of centre of mass and to find it in a system of particles (1 and 2 dimensions).
  2. To find the centre of mass of a uniform plane figure by symmetry.
  3. To find the centre of mass of a composite lamina and the position of the lamina when it is suspended from a single point or placed on an incline plane.
Unit 1 Centre of mass (M2)  
Unit 2 Centre of mass of a lamina (M2)  
Unit 3 Centre of mass and equilibrium (M2)  
Module 3 Work, Energy and Power (M2)

Alevels Mechanics M2 Edexcel – Work, Energy and Power

This topic includes questions on work done by a constant force, gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy. It examines the work energy principle, calculations on power and relate power and velocity.
Unit 1 Work (M2 Edexcel)  
Unit 2 Energy (M2 Edexcel)  
Unit 3 Power (M2 Edexcel)  
Module 4 Collisions (M2)

Alevels Mechanics M2 Edexcel – Collisions

This topic discusses the use of Newton's Law of Restitution to calculate outcomes of collisions, analyse collisions between particles and particle/wall collisions. It includes questions on kinetic enerfy loss during a collision.
Unit 1 Impulse and momentum  
Unit 2 Newton’s experimental law of restitution  
Unit 3 Collision with a wall  
Unit 4 Collisions with 3 particles  
Module 5 Statics of rigid bodies (M2)

Alevels Mechanics M2 Edexcel – Statics of rigid bodies

This topic discusses conditions necessary for a rigid body to be in equilibrium and to calculate unknown forces acting on a rigid body in equilibrium.
Unit 1 Statics of rigid bodies  
Unit 2 Statics of rigid bodies review questions  

** Our syllabus is current and updated to 2018