Special Online Lecture for University Malaya Survival Models 3010 (SIQ3010)

University Malaya Survival Models 3010 (SIQ3010) Semester 2 19/2020

Hello students

This Movement Control Order (MCO) has made it necessary for us all to stay home. I sincerely hope we will never experience anything like the recent events that keeps us all at home and away from each other. I hope you are all safe and well.

TEACHING AND LEARNING ONLINE has now become a necessity and in this month or so leading to your semester exams. I need to teach and complete your syllabus before your June exams. Hence I have made available new teaching videos which continue where I left off before the MCO. Lets use every resource available to achieve that end!

This is the site that I have created for you to enter and view my teaching videos.

Depending on how long the MCO takes, I will upload new teaching videos weekly. This way, we will be on track to complete the syllabus, revise and be ready for the exams.

I have to thank The Maths Centre (www.themathscentre.com) for kindly hosting us here.

Thanks Team!
Ravee Menon