News update for June/July 2013

Whew…by now most of you would have finished your summer exams 2013. Hope all went well.

A bit of news about whats coming in June/July 2013.

We are uploading Alevels CIE Statistics 2 paper 7 teaching videos: a complete series of teaching videos packed with examples and question bank. Keep a lookout.

Also at the end of June 2013 we will post via Youtube or Google Hangout a look at First Order Differential Equations. The 4 methods to solve 1st order differential equations by

  • direct integration
  • separating the variables
  • homogenous equations-using the substitution y = vx
  • linear equations-use of the integrating factor

The last 3 methods are used in Alevel Further Maths (eg FP2 Edexcel) and are used in Engineering Mathematics.

Keep a lookout for the details of this Hangout or Upload. Give us a ‘like’ to encourage the team. Cheers!