News update for Aug 2014

New courses, upcoming and a big help from us for those planning to resit Alevels CIE, this Oct/Nov 2014 exams

Hello everyone,

Been awhile, World Cup and summer vacation, hope you all had a good break.

By now results for Alevels CIE are already out. Alevels Edexcel results will follow suit later this week. Congratulations to those who obtained what they wanted and to the rest, lets move on. To those of you who want to resit this fall, here are some news and some help from us, read on…

Whats new at The Maths Centre

Further Maths Paper 1 and Paper 2 (Pure Maths/ Stats/ Mechanics)

We have completed our Alevels CIE Further Maths Paper 1 and Paper 2 uploads, both pdf and teaching videos are available, check out here.

The course is complete and includes exam questions and solutions as far back as 2002. All you need for your further maths preparation is found here.
While we gave you the option to purchase both /either pdf or teaching videos, we would recommend that you use the teaching videos. Mr Menon has given a lot of pointers and fleshed out a lot of instruction and reminders in the teaching videos, its practically a step by step guide, highlighting alternate solutions to some questions.

We trust that you will find it most useful and deem our further maths modules essential to your exam success.

International Baccalaureate IBHL

The whole complete IBHL consisting of 25 topics are finally up. Here is the link. It is offered in 2 formats downloadable pdf and teaching videos.
Exercises are included at the end of every chapter.

The IBSL is still in progress and will be fully uploaded this month. Keep a lookout here.


Assessment tool

We are currently testing our assessment system which will be implemented soon. This is a simple tool to map out and monitor our students progress.. This will be in the form of regular assignments required to be completed and sent back for review and marking.

Alevels CIE Physics

There has been numerous requests from our students for uploads of teaching videos for cie alevel physics..we will come to this soon.. fingers crossed..

Discount on Alevels CIE AS or A2 courses for resit students

For candidates of Alevels CIE AS and A2 planning to resit this Oct/Nov 2014 exams.. listen up.

For the second time, we are offering those who are planning to resit their CIE exams this fall , a 40 percent discount to purchase access to our courses.

There are some simple and fair conditions.

1. Please email us proof that you are resitting this Oct/Nov 2014 Alevels exam .The proof may be a copy of your new exam registration slip or a letter from your school confirming your resit.

2. Please indicate which AS or A2 courses you would like to purchase:

Alevels CIE AS Pure Maths P1 …. link
Alevels CIE AS Statistics 1 P6……link
Alevels CIE A2 Pure Maths 3 P3…
Alevels CIE A2 Statistics P7… link
Alevels CIE AS Mechanics 1 P4….link
Alevels CIE A2 Mechanics 2 P5….link

3. On receipt of your email and proof of your exam resit , you will be given a discount code of 40 percent. Please make your discounted payment and we will give you access to your purchased modules.

Please note that this discount code is good only for your immediate resit at year end ie Oct/Nov 2014 exams.

With this access, you will be entitled to all privileges including access to our instructor via whats app or email and attend all free hangouts/webinars.

We are confident that using our teaching videos will improve your grades and give you confidence to excel in these coming exams.

Best wishes, study hard and talk soon.