News on 24 Sept 2014

Hello boys and girls! Whew its exam season again. Hope you all are keeping well while trying your best and studying very hard.

Here at The Maths Centre, we have

      A) uploaded our exam solutions for the most recent May/June 2014 CIE exams papers – P3 | S1 | M1
      B) uploaded for a limited period only (until these fall exams are over) the Online Webinar for Alevels CIE P3 and M1 exam review.

Coming soon!

Due to popular requests, we are presently uploading the following

IGCSE Additional Maths

IGCSE yr 10 and yr 11 specially, selected questions by topics
– This will consists of 2 e books of over 140 questions each that we have chosen to cover all examinable ideas in the syllabus.

– With this revision questions as well as our year 10 and year 11 e videos you should be amply prepared to do very well in your IGCSE Additional Maths exams!

For those of you who have completed studying the syllabus, go here to try our exam review questions sets – Bundle 1 | Bundle 2

*** to our subscribers, remember, you can contact us if you need further explanations or a bit more help ***

Alevels CIE AS Paper 1

We are also currently uploading special revision sets of AS P1 Pure Maths questions. Keep a look out !

Meanwhile, study hard and best wishes to those taking exams.