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Hi all, we just had our first Free Webinar on Facebook Live Stream, albeit some minor technical issues at the beginning, it’s a success and we are looking forward to have more webinar on Facebook Live in the future. Big thanks to all who attended the webinar as well as those who sent in their questions. We love experimenting with tech. Facebook Live is amazing. We received a lot of questions. Tried to answer it all. Sorry if yours didn’t get aired. Remember the more you like us the harder we try…

Notes from Free Webinar :-

On that note good luck to all entering this Winter /Oct /Nov exams.
May success be yours.
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Upcoming exciting news

Due to a lot of requests we are finally writing the complete solutions manual to Mechanics M1 and M2 by Quadling – check it out HERE

Also in the pipeline are the following :
IGCSE Maths E videos code 0580 for paper 2 and 4 extended
IGCSE Edexcel Further Pure Maths code 4PM0/01 and 4PM0/02
IGCSE Physics code 0625 structured questions in video…

Talk soon, study hard, be good..

The Team

2 comments on “Free Webinar on Facebook Live Stream

  1. I am Sasitheran here, a Cambridge A Levels student who is sitting for his AS Examination in exactly 10 days from now.
    The webinar that went live today was great and had me glued to the chair whilst I watched the entire series and attempted the problems that Mr. Menon was sent by other students from Malaysia and also around the world.
    The Webinar was a great effort and despite a few minor technical issues, it was pleasant to watch and video quality could have been better, but dues to the team’s first time using Facebook live, it was acceptable.
    I had sent some questions on Statistics, 2 to be exact, both regarding the construction of the probability distribution table, and both were answered very well by Mr. Ravee Menon.
    I myself as mentioned earlier, reattempted the problem as he was explaining it on the board and found his explanation surprisingly easy to grasp and understand.
    Great job with the live stream overall
    Hope to see more coming in the future as I continue to embark on my journey to complete my Cambridge A Levels course.

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