Discount on IGCSE or Alevels Cambridge AS or A2 courses

Calling all resit candidates for IGCSE Add Maths and Alevels CIE AS and A2! Good news and some help for you here from us.

Hello people,

By now the results are out, some of you are rejoicing, some crying and some just plain sailing on….
Summer vacation is over, school is starting again… πŸ™

We here at The Maths Centre would like to step up and give a hand and a boost to those of you out there who are not thrilled with your grades and are planning to resit at the year end.


Here goes, to those of you resitting your add maths for IGCSE or Alevels Cambridge AS or A2 for Maths/Statistics/Mechanics, here is some help from us – You can purchase ACCESS AT 50 PERCENT DISCOUNT for the above courses if you are resitting again at the year end. There are some simple and fair conditions.

1. Please email us some kind of proof that you are resitting again eg your new exam registration slip or a simple statement from your school confirming your resit.

2. Please indicate which type of maths package you are purchasing :-

3. On receipt of your email and proof of your exam resit you will be given a discount code of 50 percent.
Make your discounted payment and mention your discount code and we will give you access to your purchase.

Please note this discount code is good for your immediate resit at year end (Nov/Dec 2013).

With this access you will be entitled to attending all our hangouts and have quick access to us via email or whats app etc. Try us out and I am confident we will help you do much better in your resit exams.