Momentum and impulse – Further Maths Paper 2 Mechanics

Candidates should be able to:

  • recall and use the definition of linear momentum, and show understanding of its vector nature (in one dimension only);
  • recall Newton’s experimental law and the definition of the coefficient of restitution, the property \(0 \leqslant e \leqslant 1\), and the meaning of the terms ‘perfectly elastic’ \((e = 1)\) and ‘inelastic’ \((e = 0)\);
  • use conservation of linear momentum and/or Newton’s experimental law to solve problems that may be modelled as the direct impact of two smooth spheres or the direct or oblique impact of a smooth sphere with a fixed surface;
  • recall and use the definition of the impulse of a constant force, and relate the impulse acting on a particle to the change of momentum of the particle (in one dimension only).

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