Alevels CIE Mechanics 2 Paper 5 Launched

News on 14 Oct2013
Latest completed course – Alevels CIE Mechanics 2 Paper 5 now available!

Hello . We are proud to announce that we have just completed and made available for purchase the Alevels CIE Mechanics M2 paper 5 complete teaching videos .

These teaching videos complete with question bank follow closely the CIE M2 syllabus and is divided into 5 topics namely;

  • Motion of a projectile
  • Equilibrium of a rigid body
    • Moments
    • Centre of gravity and centre of Mass
    • Sliding and toppling
  • Uniform motion in a circle
  • Hooke’s Law
  • Linear motion under a variable force

The total video times for the above total more than 14 hours of instruction.

We have made available a free preview, check it out HERE

Please note that in the CIE syllabus ( it is stated that knowledge of m1 and m2 is required before you attempt further maths paper2 (the mechanics portion)…so those of you who are affected please make sure you get a handle on these.

Whats up for this week

In response to some requests we will put up some videos re Alevels CIE P3 exam questions. So please keep your eye here.